Investment Principles

Our shareholders and bondholders trust us to invest their money into projects which generate demonstrable greenhouse gas emissions reductions and further the UK’s transition to a zero carbon energy system.

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We only invest in clean energy projects, which we believe will provide significant carbon emissions reductions, contributing to the UK’s net zero targets and ultimately avoiding dangerous climate change. Each project is judged by Thrive on environmental and social, as well as financial criteria, before we invest. We closely monitor and report on the emissions reductions our projects achieve each year.


  • We only invest in projects which aim to generate energy using renewable resources or contribute to the wider deployment of renewables in the UK and Ireland. This includes, but is not limited to, wind, solar and hydro electricity projects, geothermal heat and electricity, and associated technologies such as battery storage and demand side management. We characterise these as sustainable energy projects.
  • We strive to get as much appropriately sited new clean energy capacity constructed as possible. Our pioneering approach leads to innovative financing options and business models which make clean energy projects work financially, socially and environmentally.
  • Before we invest, all projects are assessed on the emissions reductions they will deliver as well as potential financial performance and social impact. We also take into account their impact on wider stakeholders, local communities and the environment, including ecology, land use and biodiversity.
  • Each year we calculate and report on the volume of CO2 emissions our projects avoid, as well as other social and environmental factors.
  • Our guiding principle is that funding, building and operating new sustainable energy projects, which will decrease CO2 emissions and therefore help tackle climate change, is a good thing. We prefer to work with organisations who share our values, but will consider all individuals, businesses or communities seeking funding for clean energy projects. We screen counterparties to assess their involvement in activity which is potentially harmful socially or environmentally, and any negative impact is considered as part of the investment decision. The full process is described in the Investment Principles document which can be downloaded here.