Thrive Renewables Plc Bondholder FAQs

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  • Who is the bond registrar and what do they do?

    Abundance Investment Ltd is the bond registrar. They will manage the administration and interest payments for the bondholders on behalf of Thrive Renewables plc. Abundance provides an online platform for managing your bond, and a bulletin board service for investors who want to find a buyer for their bonds.

  • When will my interest payment be paid to me?

    Your interest payment will be paid on 31 March each year, commencing March 2017. For those who invested online, interest payments will be made into your Abundance account and Abundance will be in touch before the first payment to confirm if you want the interest automatically transferred to your nominated bank account. For those who invested with a paper application, interest payments will be paid out to your nominated bank account. The final payment will be 31 March 2024, when the bond is due to be repaid in full.

  • How can I update my address or bank account details, or speak to someone about my bond holding?

    Please contact Abundance on +44 (0)20 3475 8666 or

  • How do I check the number of bonds that I hold?

    This information is stated in your online Abundance account (for online investors) or on your bond certificate (for paper-based investors).

  • How often will Thrive Renewables send me information about the company’s performance?

    Bondholders will receive the Thrive Renewables annual report in May and half year report in September, which will contain details of the performance of the Group. Bondholders can also subscribe to receive Thrive Renewables’ email newsletter to get the latest news from the company.


    Further information is available online in our useful documents page.

  • Can I sell my bonds?

    The bonds are not listed on a recognised investment exchange but they are transferable, although you may not receive the full amount of your capital back should you decide to sell the bonds. Abundance operates a bulletin board service to trade the bonds. You put your investments up for sale, wait for offers and then choose which you would like to accept. Your investments can only be sold if you find a buyer. For more details visit Abundance’s website: or contact on +44 (0)20 3475 8666 or

  • Can I buy more of these Bonds?

    It is possible to purchase more Thrive Renewables plc 5% bonds if there are bonds available for sale on Abundance’s bulletin board. For more details visit Abundance’s website: or contact on +44 (0)20 3475 8666 or

  • Will Thrive Renewables be launching more bond offers in the future?

    To hear about future bond offers and share issues from Thrive Renewables, please subscribe to our email newsletter.

  • I have a question about the Innovative Finance ISA, who can I speak to?

    For questions about the Innovative Finance ISA please contact Abundance on +44 (0)20 3475 8666 or