As a bondholder your investment is contributing to a cleaner, smarter energy system for the UK whilst earning a financial return.

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Useful Information about your bond

Your Registrar and contacts

You have a designated registrar responsible for keeping your details up to date and issuing your bond certificate.  If you need to update your address or bank details with us your registrar can help with this. They can also help with queries such as replacing a lost bond certificate or to notify us of the death of a bondholder.

Who is your registrar?

Depending on which bond certificate you hold, your registrar will be either Computershare (for Thrive Renewables (Buchan) Ltd bondholders) or Abundance Investments (for Thrive Renewables Plc bondholders). Please check your bond certificate and visit the bond holder page relevant to your holding.

Key features of your bond

You will receive annual interest payments made in arrears.

Please visit your bondholder page for more details including frequently asked questions (FAQs) and contact details.

Keeping updated on Thrive

Each year you will receive a copy of the Thrive Renewables Annual Report via your chosen method of communication.  Please stay in touch through our bi-monthly newsletter to hear about upcoming events where you can visit a turbine up close and get news on our latest projects that are generating clean electricity.