Why invest in shares?

Put simply, our long-term future depends on it. The link between energy use and climate change is undeniable. So the fewer fossil fuels we need to burn, the less damage and harm we’ll do to the planet and the environment.

But more than that, our carbon-based economy is unsustainable. Fossil fuels are finite and their price volatility adds to market uncertainty and economic instability the world over. So it’s critical we invest in less harmful and more stable and sustainable energy sources.

The UK Government agrees too. That’s why it’s signed up to the Kyoto Protocol – an international treaty designed to tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And why it’s committed to achieving the EU’s target to have 20% of energy demand being supplied from renewable sources by 2020. Without doubt, renewable energy has become a vital part of the UK’s energy mix.

Thrive is making a difference! Visit our Impact section to see how much carbon emissions our investors are saving.


Unlike many renewable investment opportunities we invest in a portfolio of renewable energy projects. By putting our eggs in several baskets, we can reduce the overall investment risk. It’s this type of thinking that has made our investment team one of the most respected out there. We’re also one of the most experienced in the industry, with a proven track record going back 20 years.

We only invest in projects that use proven technologies, operate on long-term contracts, and, through careful planning, have a minimal impact on communities and the environment. Our investors trust us to do good. You can too. Check out our performance and how we're achieving our goals for investors in our latest reports in useful documents

Besides the feel-good factor that investing in renewables brings, there are plenty of other reasons to invest in Thrive Renewables:

  • Healthy returns – particularly when compared to standard cash savings accounts, but obviously there is a higher risk.
  • Stability of returns – while wind and sun levels may fluctuate, returns take into account seasonal blips.
  • Energy security – the more power we generate from renewable sources in the UK, the less we have to rely on importing energy from abroad, or worry about the price volatility of fossil fuels.
  • Environmental impact – renewable energy means less pollution, less CO2 and less harm to the planet.
  • Transparency – we’re completely open about the projects we finance, so you know exactly where we’re investing your money.

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Work out below how much clean energy your shares could generate.