#BehindTheB: A week in the life of our Investment Director

  • Posted: 08 Mar 2022

Our Investment Director, Monika, gives you a glimpse into what it’s really like to work for a renewable energy company.

It’s Monday and I’m back in Bristol after a busy week in London. I had a great time while I was there, catching up with various industry contacts, attending a dinner at the Hawthorn Club – an international network for women working within the energy industry – and speaking on an alternative funding panel at the Energy Storage Summit. It was fantastic to hear about all the innovation and progress happening within the sector and a real buzz to be back meeting people in the city again.

Because of this, I’m starting the week by catching up with my team and reviewing the generation figures across our portfolio. We currently fund, own and operate 22 clean energy projects and it’s been a very windy week. This means figures are particularly high – especially for our wind farms – and I need to make sure it’s reflected in our financial modelling. This is what helps us to make important investment decisions, mapping all the cash flows and financing on a project-by-project basis.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published its second report into global climate change and it paints a bleak picture. At Thrive, we’ve been building renewable projects since 1994 so we’re very much focused on action. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds over the week and whether there’s a clear roadmap for next steps.

On Tuesday, I have various calls in the diary – I’m particularly looking forward to one with a community group we’re working with. We engage with local communities in lots of different ways and it’s an exciting and rewarding part of the job as I know we’re working towards a common goal of reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change. Once built, the project will not only help add more renewable capacity to the local and national grid but will also deliver multiple benefits for the community.

Tuesday and Wednesday is spent in the office. It feels good to reconnect with colleagues in person after a week out and about, and one of my team is travelling in especially from London. We share a building with our friends at Triodos Bank, it’s BREEAM certified and one of the most sustainable in Bristol, which helps to keep me inspired. Today I am following up on invites to Regen’s Green Energy Awards at the end of the month. We’re one of the sponsors for the event and I’m really looking forward to hosting a table alongside our MD, Matthew. With the IPCC report still fresh, it’s nice to look forward to an event that focuses more on the positive and showcases the achievements within the sector.

Thursday and Friday flies by. I’m going to be speaking on a webinar with smart grid technology company, GridBeyond, in a few weeks which is exciting. I have a planning call alongside the other panellists. I’m going to be drawing on Thrive’s experience of funding and building our first 5MW battery project – Wicken – which is now operational, as well as our 20MW battery that is currently in construction at Feeder Road in Bristol. Storage is going to be critical for the UK’s clean energy future, helping to balance out the variability of natural resources such as sun and wind. It’s something that the industry is really focused on right now as part of our transition from fossil fuels, so it’s important for Thrive to be represented.

As Friday draws to a close, there’s lots to look forward to. Next week is International Women’s Day and a group of us are getting together to join the Institute of Directors (IODs) women’s leadership conference, with renowned ethologist and activist Dr Jane Goodall DBE as one of the keynote speakers. It’s also B Corp month so we’ll be inviting our stakeholders to get #BehindtheB and find out what being a B Corp is really about. I’ll finish it there!