#BehindtheB: Stories from a renewable energy company

  • Posted: 04 Mar 2022

To celebrate B Corp month, we’re inviting you behind the scenes at Thrive to find out why we’re choosing to put people and the planet first.

“The climate emergency is confronting humanity in a way we can’t ignore.” – Matthew Clayton, Managing Director, Thrive Renewables


We’ve been tackling climate change head on for over 25 years, reducing dangerous carbon emissions by funding, building and operating clean energy projects across the UK.

While the nature of our business means that we’re environmentally conscious, we know that there’s always more we can do to continue reducing our impact. We began the B Corp certification process in 2020, joining the 600+ global B Corps worldwide prioritising environmental and social justice. In fact, we went one step further and were awarded ‘Best in the World’ status last year, meaning that we score within the top 5% of all global B Corps for our commitment to the environment.

To celebrate B Corp Month, we’re inviting you #BehindtheB – giving you a glimpse into why we do what we do and how B Corps such as Thrive are bringing benefits to all.

Here’s what some of our people have to say about working for a B Corp and what it means to them.

Want to find out more about B Corp or join the movement? Find out more here: https://bcorporation.uk/