Empowering communities to build local renewable energy projects

  • Posted: 14 Jan 2020

Thrive’s top 10 things to think about if you’re planning to build a wind, solar or hydro project.

Community Energy, where people can own and operate their own local renewable energy projects, will play a key role in the UK’s journey to net zero. By widening the ownership of renewable energy projects, community energy can decentralise and democratise energy generation. It also brings the environmental, social and financial benefits of renewable energy back into the community.

In 2016 we developed the Community Energy Funding Bridge to empower communities to develop or purchase their own local renewable energy projects. Since then we’ve supported five community groups to acquire three renewable energy projects.

If your community is interested in building a renewable energy project, we’ve put together a handy guide of 10 things you should think about before you start.

Read the full article on the Community Energy England website.