Empowering our team to take sustainable, flight-free holidays

  • Posted: 29 Jan 2020

We are proud to announce that Thrive is a pioneering member of the Climate Perks programme, created by climate charity “Possible”, offering our staff two paid ‘journey days’ when opting for sustainable holiday travel.

At Thrive we are always looking for new ways to tackle the climate crisis and support our team to do the same. Flying is one of the fastest growing sources greenhouse gas emissions globally. Recent research by Possible showed that 50% of people are ready to reduce the amount they fly in order to protect the environment, but only 3% of us do. Travelling by train, coach or boat can take considerably longer than flying, so these extra journey days will help everyone at Thrive to take a sustainable, flight-free holiday.

We believe this new policy will benefit Thrive in three ways:

Cutting carbon

Thrive exists to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by powering the clean energy transition. Currently, there is no technological solution for sustainable flights, behaviour change is key to cutting carbon from flights. Flying less is one of the most the most powerful actions we can take to reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet. A single return flight to Berlin from the UK clocks up the same amount of CO2 as 13 return trips by train, showing the impact of our staff taking just one less flight could be huge. With the workplace a key part of modern life we hope to harness the social power of our staff to unlock this new way to cut carbon – moving beyond more traditional business-focused environmental policies.

Building a reputation as a climate leader

We’ve been pioneers in the renewable energy sector for the last 25 years and now we want to be pioneering employers in this urgent area also. As a Climate Perks employer, we will be a part of getting climate conscious travel off the ground (or back to earth!) in the UK. As we continue on our net zero journey, companies and organisations will be expected to show more and more leadership around climate action. So we’re stepping up now! And we will continue to work and push boundaries to find new ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Employee well-being 

Recent research by Triodos Bank showed 29% of the British public feel overwhelmed by the climate crisis, rising to 40% amongst younger people aged 16-24. However, taking action and having the freedom to make climate and ecologically conscious choices can have a big affect on how you feel. Research by Possible showed 50% of 18-44 year olds would prefer to work for an employer that helps them to take clean travel on holiday. Through Climate Perks we hope to support staff and future recruits make lifestyle choices that reflect their values - strengthening staff well-being, satisfaction and loyalty.


Learn more about Climate Perks on their website.


Possible is a UK based climate charity that brings people together to take positive, practical action on climate change. Combining individual and local actions with larger systemic change, we connect people with each other, and communities with ways to address the climate crisis. Learn more about Possible on their website.