European Market Essential For Thriving Fenland Wind – Says Labour MEP

  • Posted: 22 Jan 2018

Britain must retain membership of the European Internal Energy Market (IEM) if Fenland’s wind energy sector is to continue to thrive, warned Euro-MP Alex Mayer at the European Parliament.

Referencing her recent visit to the Ransonmoor wind turbine site near Doddington, with Thrive Renewables’ MD, Matthew Clayton, Ms Mayer praised the project and remarked to fellow MEPs in the Parliament Chamber in Strasbourg that Fenland was known for its strong winds.  

Figures from the National Grid show that last year was the greenest year ever in terms of how Britain’s electricity is generated with onshore wind farms and renewable energy sources outproducing coal plants on more than 75 per cent of days of the year.

The five turbines at the Ransonmoor site, in operation since 2007, produce 26 GWH of electricity per annum, enough to power 6,600 homes for a year.  

Ms Mayer said: “I want renewable energy to thrive across Fenland and the whole of East Anglia, retaining our membership of the Internal Energy Market is vital to that end.  

“f we are to meet the Government’s commitment to phase out fuel driven vehicles and replace them with electric cars, we’ll need to find further ways of generating even more electricity.  

I call on the Tories to drop their opposition to onshore wind farms.”

Read the full story and hear Alex Mayer MEP speaking at the European Parliament in support of Ransonmoor wind farm and UK onshore wind.