Thrive investors have their say

  • Posted: 12 Sep 2019

98.9% think the government needs to improve support for the renewable energy industry.

Earlier this year we conducted a survey of our investor community. More than 1000 investors contributed to this research, giving us great insight into how our shareholders and bondholders feel about Thrive, our performance and the bigger picture issues surrounding renewable energy. 

We’re delighted to report that 99.3% of respondents are satisfied with Thrive Renewables. Reasons given for this high level of satisfaction include our focus on renewable energy and ethical practice. This reflects one of our core values, Sustainable At Heart; we always use the principles of sustainability to guide our investment and business approach, and have done for 25 years.  

At Thrive we are committed to playing an active role in the clean energy movement and driving positive change in UK, working towards achieving our mission to power the transition to a sustainable energy future. It’s great to see this recognised by our investors, with 84% of respondents describing Thrive as making a genuine difference to the environment.  

“Our shareholders and bondholders are fundamental to our mission. It’s fantastic to receive this endorsement of our approach. Our investors can be proud of the part they are playing in the transition to a cleaner, smarter energy system.” Matthew Clayton, MD, Thrive Renewables

Public support for renewable energy and climate action has grown markedly recently, inspired by the School Strike 4 Climate and Extinction Rebellion movements. According to the UK Governments public opinion tracker, in 2019 84% of the British public support renewable energy sources for electricity and heat production and 79% support onshore wind1. Investors who took part in our survey are overwhelmingly in support of renewable energy and climate action, with 92.2% applauding the school children who went on strike to highlight environmental issues 

In June, the UK Government signed a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 into law, making history in the process. But this gesture must be followed by tangible actions, and respondents agree. 98.9% think the government need to do a lot more to support the renewable energy industry and 99.7% would like to see the UK produce much more renewable energy than it currently does. We need policy with clear and stable direction and investment into renewable energy from the government or we will not meet that target. 99.1% of our survey participants believe that as a society, if we don’t make more investments in renewable energy now, future generations will really suffer.  


[1] BEIS Public Attitude Tracker: Energy and Climate Change (