Watch back – Meet our directors

  • Posted: 03 Aug 2022

We’re currently fundraising via Triodos Bank’s crowdfunding platform – catch up on our webinar to find out more about the offer and how we’ll be using the money to build more clean energy projects across the UK.

If the UK is to decarbonise the electricity system by 2035, we urgently need to build more renewable capacity. Using proven technologies like wind, solar and battery storage, Thrive is working to do just that - reducing carbon emissions, supporting the country with its net zero goals and ultimately helping tackle the climate emergency.

Now, our new share offer is giving people the opportunity to directly contribute to the energy transition. Hosted by Triodos Bank, watch the webinar and meet some of the directors driving the business forward – Managing Director, Matthew Clayton, Investment Director, Monika Paplaczyk and Finance Director, Katrina Cross. They discuss why we’re looking to raise capital, how we plan to use the money and answer some of your questions. Remember, investing comes with risk. Returns are not guaranteed, and you may not get back all, or any, of your original investment.


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