A "winderful" open day at Avonmouth wind farm

  • Posted: 07 Sep 2015

Four hundred guests were welcomed to the Avonmouth wind farm as part of the popular Bristol Doors Open Day.

On Saturday 12 September 2015 more than 70 venues around the city of Bristol which are not normally accessible to the public flung their doors open in what was believed to be the largest event of its kind in the UK. Triodos Renewables was delighted to participate and invite registered guests onto our wind farm at Avonmouth.


With the sun shining and the wind blowing, 400 guests peeked inside our turbine, asked questions directly to our team and were invited to tell us what they thought about our wind farm ... in one word if possible as space on our sheet started to run out!  We got "winderful", "brilliant", "graceful", "future", "blown away", "1,250 homes each - awesome", "we need more turbines" and many more positive comments.

Photo opportunity

Importantly, we set out a format for the day where members of the public could form their ownopinion about wind farms. We hear a lot of news about renewable energy through a variety of media channels - not always positive and often conflicting. Many of our visitors arrived on the site with preconceptions or misinformation and our team were happy to answer their questions and help to dispel a few myths.

The sunshine presented a great opportunity for visitors to take photos of themselves at the commercial scale wind farm too. We invited them to share those photos on social media which many did.

Have a look at #triodosrenewables on Twitter for a selection of them.

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"Much more than just a pylon" - visitors were invited to give us their thoughts on our wind farm.