Monika Paplaczyk promoted to Investment Director

  • Posted: 26 Feb 2021

Driving forward our mission to power the transition to a sustainable energy future

We’re pleased to announce Monika Paplaczyk, previously Senior Investment Manager, has been promoted to Investment Director and will serve as an Executive Director on Thrive’s Board. With fellow Executive Director Katrina Cross and Non-Executive Directors Tania Songini and Katie Gordon already in place, Monika is the fourth woman to join the current Board.

“What I love most about working for Thrive is it’s a community, we bring people together for a common goal. I’ve found that with the right mindset and plenty of cooperation you can achieve anything. I’ve always enjoyed work that pushes you to think outside the box, to find new ways of getting projects off the ground. As a woman I’ve always found the renewable energy sector to be friendly and welcoming. At Thrive I’ve grown my knowledge, experience, and career thanks to the support of my team. As Investment Director I will continue to drive Thrive’s mission forward, investing in new projects that will power the UK’s transition to a clean energy future.” Monika Paplaczyk, Investment Director, Thrive Renewables

Monika has been with Thrive for 14 years. She joined the team in 2007, whilst Thrive was still known as Triodos Renewables. During her time with Thrive, Monika has brought 20 sustainable energy projects and investments to life including onshore wind, solar, hydro, renewable heat, geothermal and battery storage. She has been instrumental in growing and diversifying Thrive’s portfolio. In her new role as Investment Director, she will continue to drive forward our mission to power the clean energy transition, investing in more renewable energy projects, helping the UK achieve net zero.

“Monika is an essential part of the Thrive team. Her expert knowledge and experience has been crucial to delivering Thrives’ impact and growth to-date. Thanks to her commitment to Thrive’s mission, we invested in five new projects last year, including the UK’s first commercial geothermal powerplant, solar rail pioneers Riding Sunbeams and our first battery storage project. With her leading our investments team as Investment Director, we will be able to continue to grow our impact on the road to net zero.” Matthew Clayton, Managing Director, Thrive Renewables

Monika's proudest projects

Mean Moor wind farm

“One of the projects I’m most proud of working on was Mean Moor wind farm. This project brought together three energy cooperatives to take ownership of a three turbine wind farm based in Cumbria. What made this project special was that I developed a brand new funding model – Thrive’s Community Energy Funding Bridge – to facilitate this transition. The funding bridge provided speed and flexibility, allowing us to act quickly and efficiently to help the communities get the most out of their purchase. It also gave the communities the time to crowdfund and raise their own finances to repay Thrive. This project was the first commercial scale wind farm to pass from commercial to 100% community ownership in the UK. I hope the success of the Community Energy Funding Bridge will enable us to support more community energy groups in the future.”

United Downs Deep Geothermal

“United Downs Deep Geothermal is a particularly exciting project for both myself and Thrive. This is the first commercial scale deep geothermal electricity generation project in the UK, taking advantage of our unique geology. Geothermal provides baseload electricity, an essential part of a reaching net zero not offered by other more weather dependent renewables technologies, such as wind and solar. The project also has huge potential besides clean electricity generation. In addition to providing jobs for the local community, United Downs will provide renewable heat for local businesses. It could also be a major source of sustainable lithium, a vital component of battery storage projects. I’m really enjoying contributing to each stage of this project development, and can’t wait for it to become operational in a year or so”