Share auction continues to thrive

  • Posted: 06 May 2016

With a range of shares available to purchase, investors were free to bid on as many or few shares as they liked. Bidding closed at 4.30pm and in total 51,842 shares were traded, all at £2.25 per share. This is within 1% of the Directors’ recommended share price and all sellers offering shares at £2.25 or below were cleared.

“It’s great to see these auctions continue to go so well, with a high number of shares traded and all so close to the Directors’ recommended share price. We have high hopes for this monthly approach to share trading which is proving at this early stage to be simpler and more convenient for shareholders.” - Matthew Clayton, Managing Director, Thrive Renewables

Shareholders and prospective shareholders can find out more about the auction or how to bid for shares via the online Investor Centre. Thrive Renewables hold auctions monthly, with the next one due to take place on Friday 27th May.