New fundraise open! Help us build new clean energy projects across the UK

  • Posted: 28 Jun 2022

Thrive is now giving more people the chance to take a meaningful stake in the energy transition by investing directly into new renewable and storage projects.

We’re excited to announce that our new share offer is open, giving existing and new investors an opportunity to deliver tangible change as the UK works towards its ambitious net zero goals, which include decarbonising the electricity system by 2035.

Launched today via Triodos Bank UK’s crowdfunding platform (, the share offer comes at a time when increased investment in renewables is critical. With consumer bills soaring due to volatile wholesale gas prices, improving the UK’s energy security and ending our reliance on dirty fossil fuels must be a priority. Click here to find out more.

We’re looking to raise a minimum of £5 million, so that we can build on our existing £96 million portfolio of assets which includes onshore wind, commercial rooftop solar, battery storage and hydro, as well as an investment in the UK’s first geothermal electricity generation project. This marks the first step in our ambitious growth plans, as we seek to further diversify and derive value from across the electricity system.

The money raised through the share offer will not only support us in funding new renewable generation and battery storage projects, but increase the collaborative funding made available to community energy groups so that they can build their own local renewable energy assets. This includes groups such as Ambition Community Energy, who we recently provided £4 million in funding to help build England’s tallest onshore wind turbine in our hometown of Bristol, and it’s 100% community owned.

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we currently face, with the consequences already being seen on a global scale. To reduce carbon emissions in line with net zero, we need to rapidly accelerate our transition to a cleaner, fairer energy system. Renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro and solar are accessible, affordable, sustainable, and reliable, helping to improve the UK’s energy security as well as revitalise the economy by creating new green jobs.

“We have been working at the forefront of clean energy since our inception in 1994, helping grow renewables from an ‘alternative concept’ – accounting for less than 2% of our electricity mix – to the mainstream. Today, over a third of UK electricity is generated by renewables but this still needs to increase substantially. Our growth and diversification plan will allow us to not only to increase our income and social and environmental impact, but also become an even more resilient business.

“Now more than ever, people need to connect to our energy system. Thrive enables ordinary people to fund clean energy projects – they can see where their money is going. The climate emergency and energy crisis may feel too huge for any one of us to remedy, but by working together we can build new projects and deliver tangible change.” Matthew Clayton, Managing Director, Thrive Renewables

In 2021, our wind, solar and hydro projects generated just over 110,000 MWh of renewable electricity, enough to power over 30,000 UK homes or 28% of all UK electric vehicle journeys, and delivered 49,515 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions reductions.

The minimum investment in the crowdfunding offer is £94 (40 shares) and shares can be held in a self-invested personal pension (SIPP). We are targeting 5-8% return per year through a combination of dividends and increasing share value. As with all investments, returns are not guaranteed, and investors may not get back all, or any, of their original investment.

“This crowdfunding opportunity will give investors a direct link to a pioneering company in the renewable energy sector, where they can clearly see the positive impact that their investment is making. Thrive has a great track record in demonstrating how clean energy projects can help create a more just energy system, all while aiming to generate a fair financial return for shareholders.” Whitni Thomas, Head of Corporate Finance, Triodos Bank UK

Last month, we reported an operating profit of £2.5 million and a turnover of £11 million for 2021, with shareholders set to receive a 7 pence per share annual dividend in July 2022 [1]. However, investors should not base their expectations of future results on past performance.

“I chose to invest in Thrive 17 years ago to kick-start renewable energy in the UK and I took more shares in 2019 because it’s important that clean energy continues to grow. I think Thrive provides the right balance between purpose and profit, which is good because few people will invest for purely altruistic reasons.” Mike Atkinson, a former IT project manager and Thrive Investor.

With nearly 30 years’ experience building clean energy projects across the UK, you can join us on our next phase of growth. Read the key terms and sign up here.

[1] Subject to approval at the company’s Annual General Meeting on 28 June 2022


Important information

Investing in the shares of an unlisted company involves risk – including potential for loss of capital – as the value of shares may go down as well as up. The payment of dividends and the target return on equity are not guaranteed.

Thrive shares are transferable but are not listed on any investment exchange, they can be traded through monthly share auctions. It may be difficult to sell shares at a price investors wish to sell them for and the shares may take time to sell.  

Investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.  You should always read the offer document in full before deciding whether to invest as it will cover risks specific to an individual investment. You can read more about the general risks associated with making these types of investments here. If you are unsure if any of these investments are right for you, you should contact an Independent Financial Adviser.

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