Students find the answer blowing in the wind

  • Posted: 14 Feb 2019

Eleven sixth-form pupils and staff from Backwell School in North Somerset braved a freezing cold and breezy day at the end of January to visit our Avonmouth wind farm.

The students have been researching the evolution and science of wind power as part of their Applied Science course. They study turbine types, design and what affects output, as well as the related mathematical principles. Practical experiments also form part of the curriculum - using model turbines, which they can alter to try out different heights and blade lengths.

Adrian Warman, our Operations Manager, went to the school to provide an overview of options for wind farms using our portfolio as an example, as well as industrial and commercial applications. They then visited the 8.2MW Avonmouth wind farm to see the four turbines in action and gain valuable first hand insight for their coursework.

“Modern wind farms are awe inspiring. It is only by visiting that you can get a true sense of the scale and power of the turbines. The students listened hard and were enthusiastic despite freezing weather. I really enjoyed talking to them and it’s great that we can play such a useful part in their studies. Our mission is to give people a rewarding connection to renewable energy; we see education as a big part of that.” Adrian Warman, Operations Manager, Thrive Renewables

Staff and students seemed to find the visit very useful. Comments included

“Excellent visit.  Very useful for our year 12 Applied Science course.”

“Useful for our science coursework” “Amazing experience”

“A great example of promoting careers in renewable energy via the curriculum.”