Triodos Renewables changes to Thrive Renewables

  • Posted: 26 Feb 2016

Triodos Renewables will now be known as Thrive Renewables and will begin to trade as such from 1 March 2016. The name change comes as part of the company’s transition to independence from Triodos Bank.

The company held a General Meeting for shareholders on 26 February 2016 to discuss the changes to enable the transition. Shareholders voted for Thrive Renewables as the new name of the company, as well as the buy back of the ‘A’ share from Triodos Bank and revised Articles of Association reflecting this changes.

Over the last two decades Triodos Renewables has grown significantly as a renewable energy company, with 5,700 shareholders and a portfolio of 15 operational renewable projects. With a strong record of generating clean electricity and profits, Triodos Renewables is now at a size where it is able to successfully stand as a fully independent company: Thrive Renewables . This change to Thrive Renewables was a joint decision with Triodos Bank which will enable both companies to flourish independently.

"Thrive Renewables marks an exciting milestone in the growth of the company and the start of a different era for the company.  Thrive highlights how the business has grown and developed  uniting a growing community of shareholders and portfolio of sustainable energy assets from the foundations established and support provide by Triodos Bank. This is an exciting time and we look forward to continuing to deliver a sustainable business in 2016 as Thrive Renewables.  We are delighted that our shareholders have voted unanimously for the Board’s proposals and we are appreciative of their support.

“Thrive Renewables will have the same values, vision and dedication to our shareholders, and will be employing the same team of committed and knowledgeable professionals. Our day-to-day business will be very much the same as before, but this change is an important part of our development.” - Matthew Clayton, Executive Director, Thrive Renewables

"As Thrive Renewables, the business will be able to build on its solid foundations and prosper, playing its critical role in the UK’s energy future. Triodos Bank still believes that the transition to renewable energy is essential in the fight against climate change. As a pioneer of renewable energy finance we have helped catalyse and develop the market. We are absolutely committed to continuing to use innovative finance to help develop a new energy system with clean renewable energy at its core, with Thrive Renewables as one of our customers.“ - Peter Blom, CEO, Triodos Bank

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