Local Community sees which way the wind blows at open day

  • Posted: 26 Sep 2016

Over 200 visitors attended our local Cambridgeshire wind farm open day last Saturday

Thrive Renewables threw open the doors to Ransonmoor Wind Farm in March, Cambridgeshire last Saturday – and visitors certainly got an insight into how windy the site can be!  The three local wind farms in which the company has invested generated 63,003kWh during the open day, which is enough to satisfy the electrical demand of 16 UK homes for an entire year. They were seen by enthusiastic visitors of all ages, and brought them closer to how renewable energy works in the UK.

The open day was full of educational activities, which were met with curiosity and excitement by the many children in attendance. Alongside the wind farm game, ecology trail and facepainting was an interactive climate change science show from ExplorerDome. The show, which tours schools all over the UK, showing kids the fun side of science, was performed four times throughout the day, educating and stimulating understanding around how wind farms play a part in cleaning up the UK’s energy system.

Local resident Jaqui Fairfax came along with her grandson toddler, Grayson. She commented: "My grandson loves the turbines and one of his first words was windmill. It's important to spread the word about renewables and to educate the future generation."

Visitors were keen to take a closer look at the commercial scale turbines, and many took pictures and spoke to the Thrive Renewables team to learn about the technology and the wider implications of wind power.

Mr Andrew Davies, a Thrive Renewables investor who attended the open day commented: "We've been committed to supporting sustainable initiatives for a number of years. We like that people come together to be part of renewables, and the sense of community. Thrive has lot of great initiatives and a being an investor is a really good way to make a direct relationship with something you can see and make a return on also. I've driven here today in my electric car which is also a great saver and at home we have solar. There are multiple benefits and it gets better and better."

Open days are an integral element of how Thrive help connect people with sustainable energy, and this was their third success, after two open days at their Avonmouth Wind Farm in Bristol. Thrive has been building renewable energy projects which connect individuals and organisations to sustainable energy since 1995. The projects include wind and hydro-electric generators and produce enough green electricity to power tens of thousands of UK homes each year.

Matthew Clayton, Managing Director of Thrive Renewables commented: “We’re so pleased with how our third wind farm open day went. It’s been great to have another opportunity to connect with the Doddington and March community, after previously engaging through our Community Energy Programme, funding insulation, LED lighting and push taps to a community building.

The open day proved that more and more people have a keen interest in renewable energy, and we love having the chance to talk to communities about it and what it means for them, where they live, and the environment as a whole.”

For more information on how to invest in Thrive Renewables, for renewable projects seeking capital and to sign up to our newsletter, please visit www.thriverenewables.co.uk.


Thrive Renewables

Thrive Renewables (previously known as Triodos Renewables) is a renewable energy company. We invest in, and operate projects that generate clean, green electricity and work with many leading companies in the sustainable energy sector. Our shareholders are part of a growing movement to tackle climate change - one that achieves tangible results. We have over 20 years' investment and operational experience in renewable energy projects, with 5,600 shareholders and a portfolio of 15 renewable energy projects in the wind and hydro-electric sectors. Collectively, our sites produce enough green electricity to power more than 40,000 UK homes each year. From the Orkney Islands to Bristol, we're generating clean energy that benefits the UK. www.thriverenewables.co.uk | 0117 428 1850


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Toddler Grayson loved the windmills
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Mr A Davies drove up for the event in his electric car
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Families really enjoyed the Thrive kites