Supporting communities

We own and operate clean energy projects across the UK and are committed to supporting the communities who host them.

Below are just some of the ways we give back to our communities:

  • As a certified B Corporation, we changed our Articles of Association so that we are legally required to consider the impact on all stakeholders, including communities, when making business decisions.
  • Our award-winning Community Energy Funding Bridge enables community energy groups to take ownership of local renewable energy projects.
  • Our voluntary Community Benefit Programme, funded by Thrive and administered by nationwide charity, Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), provides grants for community buildings close to our clean energy projects. This enables communities to make energy efficiency and sustainability improvements in their shared indoor spaces.
  • In 2020, we donated £39,050, though our COVID-19 Hardship Fund, to groups supporting the communities close to our clean energy projects through the pandemic.
  • Our direct wire projects, such as March wind farm, sells clean power directly to a local business at a fixed price. This helps them manage energy costs, bolsters environmental credentials, and can help sustain local jobs.
  • Many of our existing sites also provide local community benefits. Local groups, such as parish councils, decide how the funds will be best used for building and social improvements.
  • We provide educational initiatives including the interactive pop-up science show, ExplorerDome, for schools and public wind farm open day events.