Our Impact

We work alongside communities and sites to ensure we leave a positive environmental and social legacy. It's crucial to the Thrive Renewables ethos that our impact on the world around us is good.

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Environmental impact

Our investors care about the planet and know that the precious resources we have won't last forever. By saying no to traditional, damaging methods of energy generation, we consciously choose to be creative in our approach to renewable energy and the environment around us.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the clean energy we generate. Our formal ecology surveys give us the data we need to take necessary measures so that flora and fauna can thrive. At our Avonmouth site we've gone above and beyond to ensure the environment can flourish by working closely with ecologists - we were delighted when new barn owl chicks were spotted in the nesting box we have built.

Social impact

We believe in the power of sharing our knowledge. That's why we think it's crucial to reach out to communities - both those in close proximity to our projects, and further afield - to speak to them about what we do. We call it 'generation for generations', equipping children and families with the facts about renewables and demonstrating how Thrive Renewables offers tangible alternatives to traditional methods of energy generation. 



A bird box at Avonmouth wind farm where barn owls are now nesting
Our investors enjoy a visit to see the turbines at Ransonmoor, Cambridgeshire

Our Environmental, Social and Financial impact

Please see Annual Report 2020 for full details and calculations

Community benefit

The community benefits of our work are huge. We contribute directly to worthwhile local initiatives at many of our sites which has supported aspects as diverse as youth sports team kits, children's playground equipment, mobile kitchen facilities, installation of life saving defibrillators and energy efficient street lighting. In addition, we have set up a nationwide scheme for community buildings to receive advice on energy improvements and then funding to implement those measures. This makes the buildings more accessible to groups who rely on them and raises awareness of good energy behaviours.

Working with schools

Education is key to shifting attitudes towards renewables. That's why we offer schools near our sites the chance to learn about energy consumption. We have commissioned a renewable energy show from the interactive planetarium, ExplorerDome, so children can learn about energy generation's effect on the planet in an engaging way. We also offer school visits to some of our sites to reach out to the local community to connect them with our work. 

Open days 

We open our wind farm sites to the public for family open days. These free events give the community a chance to learn about the technology and also the wider implications of wind power. We believe that offering a relaxed atmosphere with activities for children is a great way to engage with communities and show the fun side of our company.

Details of public events are shown on our news page and you can hear about future events by signing up to our email newsletter.