Wind farm

Auchtygills wind farm

Project location

The Auchtygills turbine is a single, 0.8MW machine built near Strichen in Aberdeenshire. The project was developed in conjunction with the nearby Clayfords turbine and both became operational in 2016.

The Auchtygills and Clayfords projects make a combined annual community benefit payment to the local council. This payment is used by the council to carry out sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental improvements to existing housing stock in the area and to contribute to educational and art projects in the area through the local Mintlaw Academy. 

Project summary

The Auchtygills turbine is one of the projects we have taken from initial concept right through development, planning, construction and on into operation. In 2016, shortly after the turbine began exporting electricity to the grid we were delighted to deliver our interactive renewable energy science show to pupils at the local Strichen School. The engaging show, delivered by ExplorerDome is tied into curriculum learning and offers children and adults a chance to learn more about renewable energy and wind power.


Image for key stats

Key stats

Turbines Enercon E48
Number of turbines 1
Maximum tip height 79 metres
Site capacity 0.8 MW
Operational since 2015
Annual forecast output 2.8 GWh
UK homes equivalent 703

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