Retaining part ownership

Developers give their all to getting the vast array of permissions, consents and reports required to move their project from concept into reality. We understand that when this is done well, and they truly believe in their project, they may be reluctant to give up 100% of their interest. Although Thrive Renewables usually seek to own projects outright, there are circumstances where we feel it is appropriate to deviate from those preferences. Circumstances that can achieve genuine impact but which other equity partners may not value.

That’s where Thrive Renewables can help.

In 2013, Thrive Renewables acquired a minority stake in the five turbine Ransonmoor wind farm in Cambridgeshire. This was unusual in two respects. Not only was this less than full ownership but the wind farm was already operational – a considerable break from the preferred own and operate model we usually adopt to add new renewable capacity to the UK grid. What was special in this circumstance was that Thrive Renewables had assurance from the vendors that the capital raised through this sale would be used immediately to begin construction of nearby Boardinghouse wind farm, adding 10MW of new capacity. True to the agreement, Boardinghouse began exporting in 2015 and is now part of the Thrive Renewables portfolio.

Thrive Renewables is a values-driven organisation with decades of experience in the energy sector. We have a network of established professional relationships to conduct due diligence quickly and effectively. We also have capital available from our many thousands of engaged shareholders.

If you’d like to discuss your project in more detail, with an expert in renewable energy investment, email or call us on 0117 428 1850.


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