Under construction - battery storage

Wicken battery storage

Project location

The project will be built between two medieval settlements - Wicken and Deanshangar. Both are villages to the West of Milton Keynes in Northamptonshire.

Project summary

Wicken is a 5MW battery storage project, storing electricity when energy is abundant and exceeding demand, exporting it back to the grid during peak usage times when carbon intensity on the grid is traditionally highest. The project can provide 1.49 hours of electricity, or 7.45MWh, to the National Grid or the local distribution network.

The battery can also provide frequency response services to help the grid manage demand. Traditionally these services have been provided by fossil fuel generators. But as the UK moves towards net zero, sustainable methods of providing these services, such as battery storage, must be used.

Key stats

Site capacity 5MW
Operational since Under construction

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