Former solar farm

Sheriffhales solar farm

Project location

The site is located in Shropshire, approximately 1km west of the village of Sheriffhales and 6km north of the town of Telford.

Project summary image

Project summary

The project comprises the installation of 3,173.64kWp ground mounted photovoltaic, operational energy generation.

Thrive Renewables invested, for the first time, in a photo-voltaic solar farm by way of supporting a Mongoose Energy initiative with a community bridge mezzanine loan.  The community bridge loan was repaid in full at the end of 2018.

The solar modules installed on site are 255Wp polycrystalline Jinko Solar M-Series, configured in strings of 24 modules, pitched at 20 degrees and orientated south. A total of 11,976 modules are installed giving an array of DC power of 3,173kWp.


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Key stats

Solar Modules Polycrystalline Jinko solar M-Series
Number of modules 11,976 modules of 265Wp each
Tilt angle 20° facing south east
Site capacity 3.17 MWp
Operational since 2015
Annual forecast output 2,989MWh
UK homes equivalent 736

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