15 May 2024

New look and feel reaffirms our commitment to a collective movement for change

Let’s act together to address the climate emergency.
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Article written by anna.cooper

As we head into our 30th year, it’s time to update our identity and reaffirm our original founding proposition that people need to be at the heart of the UK’s clean energy transition.  



Vision: We believe in the power of together. A world where everyone can be part of the clean energy generation.   

Mission: Putting money to work building new sustainable energy projects and empowering people to take action to address the climate emergency.  

Today we unite a community of over 6,000. And together we have grown our impact by building or funding the construction of 39 renewable energy projects.  

We are aiming to double our renewable energy generation capacity over the next five years; bringing together more individuals, developers and communities to build new renewable energy projects, faster.  

As we update our look, we stay true to the values that we have been cultivating since building our first wind turbine. 

Sustainable at the heart  

We’re totally committed to a clean energy future that benefits everyone. That’s why we have been investing in sustainable power in the UK for over 30 years. Thrive people are outcome driven, commercially innovative and passionate about making a positive impact in all we do. We only invest in clean energy projects that deliver long term, measurable environmental impacts.  

Rewarding connection 

Thrive exists to enable people to change the future of energy for the better. We believe that bringing together people, proven technologies and a pioneering approach will accelerate the transformation our world needs. We share knowledge, insights and opportunities generating outcomes that are good for everyone. 

Together we can be a movement for change. 

We are inspired by being part of a movement that delivers tangible change. A movement that sees the true value of making a positive environmental and social impact. Our eyes are fixed on a better future; let’s make the switch from fossil to sustainable, generating clean energy today, for generations to come.

Be part of the clean energy movement

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