About us

Thrive Renewables is a renewable energy company.

Thrive Renewables connects people to sustainable energy. We offer accessible opportunities for individuals and businesses to invest in clean energy projects that deliver financial, environmental and social rewards. Thanks to our thousands of investors – large and small – we’ve been building and operating renewable energy projects in the UK since 1994. By investing in Thrive, you will join the growing movement of people working together to create a sustainable energy system for generations to come.

Our Vision: We believe in a clean, smart energy system that is powered by the investment of many.

Our mission: Our mission is to power the transition to a sustainable energy future by helping people meaningfully connect with clean energy projects


The company was first established by Triodos Bank in 1994 as The Wind Fund plc. This was a response to the Chernobyl disaster and recognition of wide public interest in such a vehicle focused on renewable energy. In 2004, we became Triodos Renewable Energy Fund, which changed to Triodos Renewables plc in 2009. In 2016, we became independent of Triodos Bank, and rebranded the company as Thrive Renewables.

We have over 22 years' investment experience in renewable energy projects, with over 6,000 investors and a portfolio of 21 renewable energy projects in the wind, hydro-electric and solar sectors. Collectively, our sites produce enough green electricity to power more than 51,500 UK homes each year. From the Orkney Islands to Bristol, we're generating clean energy that benefits the UK.

Our inclusive approach allows us to offer a variety of flexible investment options to renewable energy projects seeking capital. Our commitment to true sustainability offers a degree of resilience to changes in government legislation.

Thrive Renewables offers you an ethical way to contribute to a more sustainable planet. Put simply, our investors know they can trust us to do good.

Relationship with Triodos Bank

When Triodos Bank set up a branch in the UK they recognised the relative youth of the UK's renewable energy market compared to continental Europe. To stimulate and drive development of new renewable energy projects, in 1995 Triodos Bank group also set up a new equity based company.

That organisation became what Thrive Renewables is today. While Thrive Renewables is now managed independently, our years of partnership inform our shared values and ethos, and we maintain a positive relationship.

Triodos Bank remains committed to renewable energy and Thrive Renewables maintains a positive banking and commercial arrangement with them. Naturally, the values and ethos with which we were founded continue to underpin our working practices and business decisions.