Responsible & sustainable investment

Thrive puts money to work building new sustainable energy projects and empowering people to take action to address the climate emergency.

We deploy capital in a collaborative way, working with developers, businesses and communities to build new clean energy projects that change the future for the better.

We only invest in assets that are genuinely sustainable and deliver real impact – environmentally and socially. It’s the reason we’ve been crowned ‘A Good Egg’ company by independent consumer platform Good with Money and why values-based institutions, like Liontrust, choose to invest in us. We’re also an active member of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) and a voluntary signatory to the Quoted Companies Alliance code.

Our approach

We believe in the power of together.

Thrive exists to address the climate emergency, accelerating the growth of renewable energy in the UK and reducing carbon emissions.

Our pioneering approach leads to innovative funding solutions and business models which help us change the future of energy for the better. We believe that bringing together people, proven technologies and a pioneering approach will accelerate the transformation our world needs.

Our investment principles

We only invest in assets that deliver real environmental impact.

Our guiding principle is that funding, building and operating new sustainable energy projects, which decrease CO2 emissions and help decarbonise the UK energy system, is a good thing.

Before investing, we judge each project based on environmental and social criteria, as well as financial, and consider the potential impact on wider stakeholders, communities and the local ecology and biodiversity. We also have a thorough procurement policy in place – we have and will turn down opportunities to invest in projects that do not align with our values.

Our projects

We’ve funded and/or built 39 clean energy projects.

This includes, but is not limited to, wind, solar and hydro-electricity projects, geothermal heat and electricity, and associated technologies such as battery storage and demand side management.

Most of our electricity generation projects export to the national grid with the electricity being sold to UK electricity suppliers. Delivering renewables directly to the grid lowers the total CO2 content of the power the UK consumes. We also work with partners such as manufacturers and retailers to enable them to install clean energy projects on-site and use the electricity they produce.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we closely monitor and report on the emissions reductions our projects deliver each year, as well as other social and environmental factors.

Be part of the clean energy movement

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