Fraud awareness

Criminals can misuse publicly available information like websites and addresses to fraudulently claim to be affiliated with any company or individual including Thrive Renewables plc.  

In this context, when communicating with us online or over the phone, please bear the following in mind:  

  • Our website address is We do not use any other web addresses. 
  • We do not offer any investment opportunities directly to members of the public or businesses. Investments in Thrive Renewables PLC are only ever available through FCA regulated firms.  It is always wise to check the details of the firm you are dealing with on the FCA Register.
  • If you receive an unsolicited email, message or phone call from someone claiming to represent Thrive Renewables, it could be fraudulent and you should not provide any information. Please telephone us on 0117 428 1850 to notify us of any such activity. 
  • All our email addresses contain When dealing with Thrive, please do not respond to any emails other than from an authorised Thrive Renewables address. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email