Shareholder FAQs

We answer your commonly asked questions.

How do I contact the company registrars, Computershare?

Our registrars, Computershare, are responsible for the administration of Thrive shareholdings and should be the first port of call for questions regarding your shares. Computershare can be contacted on 0370 707 1350 or via If you need to write to them, the address is:

Computershare Investor Services PLC

The Pavilions

Bridgwater Road


BS99 6ZZ

United Kingdom

You may choose to set up an online investor centre account with Computershare so that you can manage your shareholding online. You can register for an account on this page of Computershare’s website.


How do I register the death of a shareholder?

Please notify the registrar, Computershare, who will issue a bereavement pack detailing the process for formerly registering the death and having the shares transferred to the executor or sole beneficiary.

How do I register Power of Attorney?

Please contact the registrar, Computershare, to register Power of Attorney. They will require a Certified copy of the Power of Attorney (POA), duly certified by the donor, a solicitor, or a duly certified notary public, that it is a true and complete copy of the original.

How are Thrive shares traded?

Thrive shares can be bought or sold via monthly share auctions run by share matching platform, JP Jenkins. Find out more here.


Can I merge multiple shareholdings?

If you have multiple Thrive shareholdings that you would like to merge for administration purposes please contact the registrars, Computershare.

How can I update my address and other personal details with you?

Please contact the registrar, Computershare to update your address and any other personal details including a change of name or bank account details.

What is the Directors’ Valuation?

Please note: the Directors’ Valuation is different to the share trading price (see above). The Directors’ Valuation is regularly reviewed and agreed by the board. The share trading price can be above and below the Directors’ Valuation and is wholly dependent upon the market.

The Directors’ Valuation is based on the value of each project in the portfolio, both operating and under construction. We use a detailed discount cash flow valuation. This looks at the forecast income for each project in the future less direct project costs and central overheads. More details can be found here.

Are the shares listed on an exchange?

No. Shares in Thrive Renewables are not listed on any exchange or on the Alternative Investment Market.

When was the last dividend paid?

Information on historic dividends paid can be found here. Shareholders can request a dividend confirmation statement from the registrars, Computershare.

How do I replace a lost or damaged share certificate?

To replace a lost or damaged share certificate please contact the registrars, Computershare. If you bought shares when we were known as The Wind Fund, or Triodos Renewables Energy Fund, or Triodos Renewables more recently, you don’t need to get a replacement share certificate, the certificates with the old names on remain valid.

How do I switch to paperless communications?

To change how you receive statutory communications from Thrive please contact Computershare. If you have an investor centre account, you can update your preferences there.

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