Funding for community energy groups

By working together with communities, we help build projects that put people at the heart of the UK’s energy transition.

We believe in community ownership

It’s why we first created our award-winning community energy funding bridge in 2017, which the local energy group used to purchase the Mean Moor wind farm in Cumbria. Repaid in 2019, Mean Moor became the first commercial scale wind farm in the country to transfer to 100% community ownership.

We know that many community energy groups are interested in owning renewable energy projects. Yet due to a lack of capital, resources, or demanding timescales, they are not always able to purchase or build projects on their own.

Thrive has already invested over £20 million into community-led wind and solar projects and we are always looking to empower more people to take control of energy at the source, ensuring the benefits are felt locally – from new revenue streams to green jobs.

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Constructing England's largest onshore wind turbine with Ambition Community Energy

A record-breaking community wind project in our home city of Bristol.


By choosing Thrive, you’ll have access to the capital you need, as well as expert insight gained over 30 years in the industry.

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Control over your energy

Our funding gives you the opportunity to own your renewable energy at the source, ensuring the economic and social benefits of clean energy stay local too.

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Time to raise the money

Developing a renewable energy project takes a lot of time and effort. We can provide some much-needed breathing space, helping you to get your project into construction and letting you repay in a way that works best for you.

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We offer flexible funding for a range of clean technologies, from battery storage to hydro, solar and wind. We will structure our finance to best respond to your needs, as well as the specifics of the project.

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Skills and expertise

With three decades of experience, we have access to a wide network of contacts, partners, suppliers, and industry bodies that we can call on, helping you to create and structure a resilient project.

Case study

Facilitating shared ownership with BEC

We invited Bristol Energy Cooperative to co-invest in our 20MW battery project, meaning local good causes benefit from a share of the revenues.

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Case study

Funding England's largest onshore wind turbine

Using our award-winning funding bridge, we helped move the Ambition Community Energy project into construction after years of planning issues.

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