Supporting landowners

We can help you recognise the full potential of renewables, providing long-term, sustainable income opportunities for you and your family.

Contribute to the UK’s clean energy transition

Whether it be wind, solar, hydro or battery storage, hosting a renewable project on your land can benefit you financially, while you’ll also support local net zero targets and can help enhance the area’s natural biodiversity.

Thrive has 30 years’ experience working alongside landowners to ensure the consistent and safe operation of its projects. Let’s work together to tackle the climate emergency.


As well as helping to decarbonise the UK’s energy system, hosting a renewable project on your land offers a host of benefits.

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Long-term, sustainable income

By leasing your land, you’ll have access to new, long-term revenue streams (most projects are secured for at least 25 years), while we’ll also consider shared ownership opportunities – which means you’ll receive a share of any profits generated by the project too.

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Do your part to tackle the climate emergency

By working together, we can accelerate the transition to net zero, helping to meet local and national decarbonisation goals.

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Enhance site biodiversity

As part of our commitment to environmental impact, we create Biodiversity Management Plans for each of our projects, going above and beyond the legal requirements with voluntary initiatives tailored on a site-by-site basis.

Case study

Repowering our Beochlich hydro project

We worked closely with the project landowner to extend the operational life of the 1MW project for another 25 years.

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Boosting Scotland's hydro capacity

We part funded the construction and early operation of a 2MW hydro-electric project in the Scottish Highlands.

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Be part of the clean energy movement

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