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Through on-site renewables, we empower businesses to take an active role in the clean energy transition, while delivering tangible commercial and environmental benefits.

There is a strong business case for on-site renewables

Not only will it support the transition to net zero, but you’ll benefit from a direct supply of cleaner, cheaper power. We know that many businesses may not have the capital or skills to install a clean energy project – like a rooftop solar array – themselves. That’s where Thrive comes in.

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Delivering cleaner, cheaper power for UK businesses

We funded the construction of a rooftop solar array for a UK manufacturing company.


Hosting a renewable energy project on your commercial premises can save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

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Cheaper energy bills

Using renewable sources of electricity is the best way to provide price stability, with a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) typically cheaper than a standard supplier contract.

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Directly contribute to the energy transition

Not only will this help with your own decarbonisation efforts, you’ll be taking an active role in the UK’s net zero journey, helping to build a cleaner, fairer future for generations to come.

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Thousands of UK businesses could be benefiting from on-site renewables. All you need is access to good levels of natural resource – for example, somewhere with abundant wind or a large open space, or rooftop, for solar PV.

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Competitive edge

Businesses are facing increasing pressure to reduce their environmental footprint. An on-site renewable project could give you a competitive edge with increasingly carbon conscious customers.

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Minimal effort

We will fund the construction of the project and agree the terms around the lease and supply, ensuring you start benefitting from the project as soon as possible.

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Accelerating commercial solar power

We have partnered with Eden Sustainable, turning more commercial buildings into sustainable, carbon saving assets through ground mount and rooftop solar.

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Case study

Powering Greenvale AP with onshore wind

Thrive funded the construction of a 1.5MW wind turbine, helping the business to better manage its operational costs and maintain local jobs.

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