Our history

We’ve played a vital role in the renewables sector for over 30 years. Take a look at the timeline below to see some of our key milestones.


First established

Thrive Renewables is established as the Wind Fund plc by Triodos Bank. At the time less than 2% of electricity was produced by renewables.


New investments in wind and hydro

We issue our second share issue as the Wind Fund and complete investments in Haverigg wind farm (2.4MW), our first community co-investment, and the Beochlich hydro-electric project (1MW).


Renamed Triodos Renewables

The Wind Fund plc becomes Triodos Renewable Energy Fund plc and we complete investment in E-Concern BV.


Purchase Caton Moor and Sigurd

Triodos Renewables exits from E-Concern BV. We purchase our Caton Moor and Sigurd wind farms, with a combined capacity of 17.3MW, and invest in Connective Energy.


Record raise of £9.9 million

We issue our fourth share issue as Triodos Renewables and raise a record amount to date - £9.9 million.


Construction commences on Kessingland

We acquire Kessingland Wind Farm Limited and the construction of the 4.1MW wind farm in Suffolk commences.


£6.4 million raised for new projects

We launch our sixth share issue, a public offer which closed in October 2011 having raised £6.4 million, and acquire our Dunfermline wind farm (1.5MW).


Construction starts on two new wind farms

We acquire our Eye and Avonmouth projects and quickly commence construction of the 5MW and 8.2MW wind farms. Our seventh share issue closes in October, raising £3.5 million for new projects.

Acquire Boardinghouse wind farm

In February, we acquire a 55% stake in the Boardinghouse wind farm, a five turbine site in Cambridgeshire.


Become Thrive Renewables

We become independent of Triodos Bank and are renamed ‘Thrive Renewables’.


First investment in solar

We invest in solar PV for the first time, supporting a community energy initiative, and reach financial close on the Drumduff wind farm, a joint venture with GreenPower.

£10 million bond raise

Thrive Plc Bond – the first to be available as an IFISA - raises a total of £10 million.


We join the B Corp community

We become a certified B Corp with a score of 110.8 – the highest scoring renewable energy company in the UK B Corp community at the time.

Invest in the UK's first deep geothermal plant

We invest in the groundbreaking United Downs project, the UK’s first deep geothermal electricity power plant in Cornwall.


First battery project commissioned

We commission our first battery storage project outside Milton Keynes. The 5MW site stores and delivers 1.49 hours, or 7.45MWh, of electricity to increase the amounts of renewables available on the grid.

Best for the World B Corp

Thrive is recognised as a ‘Best for the World’ B Corp, scoring in the top 5% of global B Corps for our positive impact on the environment.


We fund the construction of England's largest onshore wind turbine

We provide a £4 million loan to community energy group, Ambition Community Energy, to build England’s largest onshore wind turbine in our home city of Bristol.

£6.8 million for new clean energy projects

Our public share offer raises £6.8 million, helping to build some of our pipeline of onshore wind, commercial rooftop solar and battery assets.


Our biggest single investment to date

We provide Ethical Power with a £20 million loan to fund its share of a pipeline of large-scale solar and battery projects.

Shared ownership of Bristol battery

The Ambition Community Energy turbine is commissioned alongside our 20MW Feeder Road battery project, and we offer Bristol Energy Co-operative the opportunity to co-invest – becoming the first commercial battery owner in the UK to offer shared ownership to the local community.


Deal to accelerate direct wire solar in the UK

We complete a £75 million facility with Eden Sustainable to accelerate the roll out of direct wire solar on schools and businesses across the UK.

Score in the top 3% of UK B Corps

Completing our B Corp recertification with a score of 131.1 – we rank in the top 3% of all UK B corps for our commitment to environmental and social impact.

Our founders

Triodos Bank
When Triodos Bank set up a branch in the UK, it recognised the relative infancy of the UK's renewable energy market compared to continental Europe.

Giving ordinary people the opportunity to invest directly into new renewable energy projects, Triodos Bank set up a new equity-based company – The Wind Fund plc – in 1994, later becoming known as Triodos Renewables. In 2016, we became independent of Triodos Bank, and rebranded the company as Thrive Renewables. Today, we continue to operate with that original ethos: empowering people to deliver positive change.

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