Why invest in renewables?

Put simply, our future depends on it.

The fewer fossil fuels we burn, the less damage we’ll do to the planet. And the good news is renewable energy helps us power our lives more cheaply and sustainably and reduces our reliance on volatile global energy markets.  

Thrive puts people in power

Enabling you to invest directly into new clean energy projects and support communities who want to own their own projects. Join over 6,000 shareholders investing in a portfolio of proven technologies – like wind and solar – which offer a secure, long-term investment.

Your money, together with others, will help transform the UK electricity system and create a fairer, brighter future where everyone reaps the benefits of cheaper electricity. Let’s work together to power change.

Learn more about buying shares in Thrive. As with all investments, your capital is at risk.

“The Thrive investment ticked a lot of boxes from my point of view. It’s an established business which I think produces a very respectable income for shareholders. The diversified nature of the portfolio is attractive – including wind, solar and battery storage. I also like the fact that it promotes purpose, not just growth, and funds community energy so people can get projects off the ground in their local area. One can be sceptical about ESG investing and how real it is – most businesses cannot have the environment as their main cause. Thrive evidently does.”

Martin S, Thrive Shareholder

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