Directors' Valuation

Thrive Renewables Directors' Valuation remains at £2.43 per share.

Our mission is to connect as many people as possible with clean energy, which is why we are proud to have a large and diverse shareholder group. Because of this we also have a responsibility to disclose when a material event – or combination of events – impacts the value of Thrive as a company.

The Directors’ Valuation was reviewed by the board in May 2024. A combination of positive and negative factors including final 2023 results, battery revenue forecasts and updated power price projections were considered, with the valuation of the company remaining at £2.43 per share.

Our projects benefit from a range of power sales contracts which include price floors, fixed pricing and inflation linked elements, as well as government backed renewable electricity support mechanisms. To estimate the long-term dividend flow from our projects, we combine the prices we have agreed in power sales contracts, wholesale electricity market prices in the immediate and medium term and longer-term projections which are provided by market leading experts.