Facilitating shared ownership of our 20MW battery

We invited Bristol Energy Cooperative to co-invest in our 20MW battery project.

Our 20MW battery project located on Feeder Road in Bristol has the capacity to store and deliver 1.5 hours or 30MWh of electricity to the national and local grid.

Not only will the project provide those vital services, but we’re also working with a local community energy group to ensure it continues to have a positive impact on the people who live close by.

Teaming up with Bristol Energy Co-operative (BEC), we’re giving them the opportunity to make a co-investment of up to 20%, which is the first time in the UK that an owner has offered shared ownership of a standalone commercial battery project to the local community. What does this mean for BEC? As well as having a say in how the project is run, it also means that local good causes will be able to benefit from a share of the revenues generated.

The local community has always been at the heart of this project. It’s why we were so committed to building it and supporting the goals of the passionate, resilient residents who fought to make it happen. In 2017, the site was originally destined to be a diesel-generator plant but thanks to a successful campaign from a group of residents in St Phillip’s Marsh, the planning application was rejected. Residents Against Dirty Energy (RADE) is now helping to support groups facing similar issues elsewhere.

Community energy gives people agency to take practical action on climate change in their local community. This project is a perfect example of how the community coming together can bring about real change. People power fought off a highly-polluting diesel scheme and replaced it with the storage technology we need to help us go net zero.”

Andy O’Brien, Co-Director, Bristol Energy Cooperative

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