Our history

We’ve played an important role in the renewables sector for the past 20 years. Take a look at the timeline below to see the key milestones in both the industry and our work.

Date Triodos Renewables Renewables sector
1995 Wind Fund plc launches with first share issue.  
1997   Kyoto Protocol is signed.
1998 Second share issue for the Wind Fund. We complete investments in Haverigg II (2.4MW) and the Beochlich hydro-electric scheme (1MW).  
2001   The Climate Change Levy (CCL), a tax on energy delivered to non-domestic users, is introduced in the UK .
2002   The Renewable Obligation (RO) is introduced in the UK. This places obligation on licensed electricity suppliers to source an increased proportion of electricity from eligible renewable sources.
2004 The Wind Fund plc becomes Triodos Renewable Energy Fund plc. We complete investment in E-Concern BV.  
2005 Launch of Triodos Renewables' third share issue. We acquire 'Gulliver' at Ness Point in Lowestoft. Global Wind Energy Council is launched in Brussels.
2006 Triodos Renewables exits from E-Concern BV. We purchase Caton Moor and Sigurd wind farms, with a combined capacity of 17.3MW. We invest in Connective Energy.  
2007 Triodos Renewables invests in Marine Current Turbines Ltd. The UK Government issues 'Meeting Energy Challenge' white paper.
2008 Triodos Renewables' fourth share issue.  
2009 The company's name changes to Triodos Renewables plc. Triodos Renewables acquires Wern Ddu Limited and construction of a 9.2MW wind farm begins in North Wales. Launch of Triodos Renewables’ fifth share issue – a shareholder offer and private placing which closed in January 2010 having raised £4.3 million. The Feed-in Tariff is introduced in the UK.
2010 Triodos Renewables acquires Kessingland Wind Farm Limited and construction of a 4.1MW wind farm in Suffolk commences.  
2011 Triodos Renewables acquires Dunfermline Wind Farm (1.5MW). Launch of Triodos Renewables' sixth share issue - a public offer which closed in October 2011 having raised £6.4 million.  
2012 Triodos Renewables acquires Eye airfield in Suffolk and commences construction of 5MW wind farm.  Launch of Triodos Renewables' seventh share issue on 9 July 2012. The share issue closed in October 2012 and raised £3.5million. Triodos Renewables acquires the Avonmouth wind turbine project and commences construction of 8.2MW wind farm.  
2013 The two wind turbines at Eye are connected to the grid and generation commences in March 2013. Triodos Renewables acquires 24.9% of a 10MW operational windfarm in Ransonmoor, Cambridgeshire on 30 June 2013. The Avonmouth project commences generation in November 2013. Triodos Renewables acquires the rights to the Greenvale project in March, Cambridgeshire in November 2013. Onshore and offshore wind industry crosses 10GW installed capacity threshold in the UK – enough to power more than 5.5 million homes.
2014 In February 2014 Triodos Renewables acquires a 55% stake in Boardinghouse wind farm, a 5 turbine site in Cambridgeshire.  

Triodos Renewables' eighth share issue closed in January 2015 having raised a further £4.1million. This is quickly deployed in acquiring a further stake in Boardinghouse and completing construction of our two projects in Aberdeenshire at Auchtygills and Clayfords.

In November, Triodos Renewables provides a mezzanine loan to fund the construction of 6.9MW Gevens Wind Farm in Scotland

The newly elected Conservative government announces a number of radical changes to UK subsidy and planning processes around renewables including an early end to the Renewables Obligation scheme and removal of the Climate Change Levy Exemption Certificates.
 2016 On 1 March 2016 Triodos Renewables changed its name to Thrive Renewables as part of a transition which made the company fully independent of Triodos Bank.