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By owning shares in Thrive Renewables, you can play a role in addressing climate change and natural resource scarcity and at the same time enjoy financial, social, and environmental benefits. As with any investment, owning shares in Thrive Renewables comes with risks, you should make sure you understand these risks. You can read about them below under Important Information.

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How to buy Thrive shares

  1. Buy shares on the Matched Bargain Service – you can buy shares in Thrive Renewables at monthly auctions run by share matching platform, JP Jenkins. Click here to find out more about the auction process.

  2. Buy shares in a share issue – this is when we make new shares in Thrive Renewables available. This means you can invest directly by buying new shares at the Directors’ Valuation. Historically, we have launched a new share issue roughly every couple of years once we have a committed pipeline of new projects that we need to raise money for. Sign up to receive our email newsletter to find out when we will be launching our next share issue. 

How to sell Thrive shares

You can also sell your Thrive Renewables' shares at monthly auctions through the independent Matched Bargain Service. The share auctions allow shareholders to exchange shares for a mutually agreeable price. For a full explanation of the auction process, go to the Monthly Share Auctions page.

If you are considering buying shares via the monthly share auctions, you should ensure you have read and understood the most up to date information on the company before deciding whether to invest. The most recent financial information about us is available here and also includes information on any material events that have occurred since the release of the latest financial results. Please note that past performance is not an indicator of future performance.


Important information

As with any investment, owning shares in Thrive Renewables comes with risks and you should make sure you understand them. You shouldn’t rely on our past performance as a guide to how we will perform in the future. You should also be aware that shares in Thrive Renewables are not listed on an investment exchange so there is no guarantee that you will find a buyer nor what price they will pay for your shares. You may not get back the full amount you invest. Please consult an independent financial adviser if you aren’t sure whether this investment is for you.



Put simply, our long-term future depends on it. The link between energy use and climate change is undeniable. So the fewer fossil fuels we need to burn, the less damage and harm we’ll do to the planet and the environment.

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