As a shareholder your investment is already generating renewable electricity from the portfolio of sites we operate around the UK.


Thrive Renewables Annual Report 2022 is available to download from our Useful Documents pages. 


The Thrive Renewables Annual General Meeting 2023 was held on Friday 30th June at The Foundation on Deanery Road in Bristol. Those unable to attend in person were able to join and vote virtually via an online platform. 46 shareholders attended in total, 29 of which were in person, with the remaining 17 joining us online.  

The meeting was chaired by Jo Butlin, Chair of the Board, and all resolutions were passed with a significant majority. The official business was followed by presentations from the management team, outlining our impact and highlights from the past year and business outlook. The Chair then delivered a presentation on the system changes needed for the UK energy transition as we work towards Net Zero.  

Following the close of the meeting, we were delighted to welcome shareholders attending in person to our Feeder Road battery. We were pleased to share the community history of the site and enable shareholders to see in person a few of the biodiversity measures already in place – insect hotels and hedgehog houses to name a couple of examples! 

Thank you to all shareholders who attended this year’s AGM both virtually and in Bristol, we very much value your support.  


See Our Governance section for more information about AGMs, reporting and our Board Members and Committees. 

Your share certificate and letting us know about changes

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Share price and dividends

More information on the latest dividend, based on the performance of Thrive Renewables during the 2021 financial year and approved at the last AGM, can be found here. Learn more about buying and selling shares in Thrive Renewables. As with all investments, your capital is at risk.


How your shares are making a difference

You can use our online impact calculator to show the direct impact of your own investment. As well as the green electricity being generated we support a range of educational and social initiatives close to our sites and further afield. These are described in our news pages and we regularly send updates via our email newsletter. If you don't receive the newsletter already you can sign-up today.

Our news pages will also bring you details of open days and events we're organising for shareholders and for the wider public. Our projects page has a map of our sites around the country so you can see details of any projects in our portfolio near to where you live. 

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