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Thrive Renewables recommended share price £2.35
Thrive Renewables 2015 dividend per share 4p

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Thrive Renewables represent so much more than just a financial investment.  Our shareholders take a stake in achieving long term impact - financially, environmentally and socially.  Our community of shareholders care about the planet and know that the precious resources we have won't last forever.

We operate a diverse portfolio of renewable energy projects. By putting our eggs in several baskets we seek to reduce the overall investment risks we take. We look to invest in projects that use proven technologies, operate on long-term contracts and which, through responsible planning, can have a positive impact on communities and the environment.

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Investors Mr and Mrs Fangandini attended the wind farm open day at Ransonmoor

Thrive ... satisfies several of my investment criteria - it is a company which benefits the environment, is socially conscious and, last but not least, represents a financially attractive investment opportunity." Mr Fagandini, investor