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As a leading name in sustainable energy investment, we select and invest carefully in a wide variety of sustainable energy projects that will improve the UK’s energy mix. So if you have an energy project of significant scale to take forward, we want to hear about it.

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Our Investment Criteria

Through first-hand experience, we have a deep understanding of sustainable energy and can tailor our investment and criteria to meet the requirements of each new project. We’re always looking to expand our portfolio. So if you have a sustainable energy project of significant scale to take forward, and are seeking capital, please get in touch.

By tapping into our experience, expertise and connections, we can help overcome the challenges you face and progress your project to the next stage.

We invest in commercially viable, sustainable energy projects that minimise financial risk by adopting proven technologies and pragmatic transaction structures. We consider investments in a range of sustainable energy technologies as well as energy efficiency and heat. Having said that, we’d be happy to discuss other approaches if you feel it is genuinely ‘clean’ and sustainable.

We have worked with a variety of developers, organisations and entrepreneurs over the years. Some have chosen to remain involved in their original projects, maintaining a degree of continuity and ownership. Others have sought to realise a premium and free up capital reflecting the risk taken and resource they have invested themselves.

Read about some of the approaches we've taken.

 case studies page

We have a set of criteria that enable us to work with projects which are genuinely sustainable.

The investment team carry out a thorough analysis of potential investments against our Investment Criteria:

  • Technology. We consider energy generation projects and sustainable energy projects:
    • onshore wind
    • solar PV
    • hydro
    • commercial storage
    • aggregated portfolios of residential PV and storage
    • demand side management schemes
    • energy efficiency
    • heat
    • battery storage
    • community energy 
    • commercial and industrial renewables 
  • Asset based. We invest in assets
  • The market. We invest in projects located within the UK and Ireland
  • Proven technology. We invest in technologies with a good track record, we are not venture capitalists
  • Phase of development. We invest at different stages from planning and construction to fully operational sites; we generally do not take pre-consent development risk
  • Investment size. Our investments range from £0.5m up to £20m
  • Satisfaction of return. The project’s risk, return and impact profile must adhere to our ethos and commercial requirement
  • Sustainability and impact. The project must be sustainable, contribute to a cleaner energy system and have the potential to deliver financial, environmental and social returns
  • Structure and co-operation. We can be flexible in our approach. Options include acquisition, co-investment and mezzanine funding
What we don’t do

We don’t invest into projects which burn fossil fuels, the invention of new technology or the early phase feasibility of projects. See our Investment Approach for more information.

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Case study - Outright sale of your project

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Case study - Staying involved after the sale

Developers can add value into construction and operations of a project. We can provide the equity needed to take it there.

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Case study - Retaining part ownership

There are certain circumstances where we believe genuine impact can be achieved by deviating from our usual 100% ownership.

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Many businesses are looking to on-site renewables to manage energy costs and improve environmental credentials.

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