Share Buy-back scheme set to continue in 2020

Thrive Renewables Directors' Valuation per share £2.23
Thrive Renewables 2019 Dividend Per Share 7p

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Our Share Buy-Back Policy , which aims to increase the liquidity of Thrive Renewables shares, will be continuing in 2020. Eligible shareholders can apply for their shares to be bought back by Thrive twice a year at a 10% discount to the Directors' Valuation. 

There are two main ways that people can invest in sustainable energy via Thrive and become part of a community putting their money to work for positive change. When we are looking to raise large sums for specific projects, we organise bond and share offers. Investors can also join our community at any time by purchasing shares at monthly share auctions  run by our dedicated broker, James Sharp & Co. The monthly auctions allow new investors to join us and contribute to cleaning up the UK's energy system, and existing shareholders to grow their stake in Thrive.

About the Share Buy-Back Policy

  • It is the Directors’ intention that the Buy-Back Policy will increase the liquidity of the shares and enable sellers to achieve a fair price for their shares.
  • Shareholders are eligible to benefit from the Buy-Back policy if they have owned their shares for at least 24 months, and had their shares listed for sale on the Matched Bargain Market for a period of 12 months or more.
  • Under the Buy-Back policy, the Company undertakes to purchase shares from eligible shareholders at a 10% discount to the Directors' Valuation.
  • The Directors reserve the right to cease offering the Buy-Back at any time.
  • The Buy-Back is subject to shareholder approval at the AGM.
  • Read and download the full Buy-Back Policy here. If you have any questions please contact us.
  • For more information about our share auctions and how to get involved click here.