Smart systems or smart behaviour

  • Posted: 28 Feb 2018

We don't have to wait for smart meters and storage to become a smart consumer today. Our MD, Matthew Clayton, is interviewed by Good With Money on reducing domestic energy use and home energy bills.

Domestic energy storage has big potential for decarbonising our energy system and has been the focus for considerable research and development in recent years.  Early adopters are installing systems which, in turn, are becoming more widely available in the marketplace and attractive to homeowners.  But it’s only one part of the story about transforming how we power our homes.

Energy suppliers are in the process of rolling out smart meters which allow us to monitor our home energy use in increasingly detailed ways.  Being able to control appliances or thermostats via apps on our phones represents a huge technological step forward.  Smart appliances can also be sensitive to the frequency of the grid and adjust their demand in line with the availability of renewable power.


"By flattening the nation’s demand profile we can reduce the overall volume of generation infrastructure we need"


Our understanding of the systems and the choices we make in our homes are essential to make the most of these opportunities.  Purchasing the right appliances when they need replacing, using ever-improving controls to best effect and trying to avoid using power heavy appliances during peak periods will all make a difference to our home energy consumption.

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