Award-winning battery project enters operation

  • Posted: 08 Jan 2024

20MW Bristol battery now delivering electricity to the grid.

Thrive’s 20MW battery storage project on Feeder Road in Bristol is now operational. Our largest battery project to date, it has the capacity to store and deliver 1.5 hours or 30MWh of electricity. This is our second storage project, joining a 5MW battery storage facility in operation since 2022 at Wicken near Milton Keynes.  

In September 2023, we also agreed to fund 192MW of new solar PV and battery storage through a £20 million investment in a UK development portfolio. The first projects are expected to be constructed this year.  

“Now that it’s operational, our Bristol battery will become a crucial asset to the grid as well as our own portfolio – complementing our wind, solar and hydro projects. Storage capacity forms a key part of our diversification strategy. By investing in diverse assets, all of which are required for the UK’s future energy system, we create value across our portfolio and ensure we benefit from a range of technology and natural energy sources. The flexible energy storage role that batteries play is an essential building block in a renewables-based grid.” - Matthew Clayton, Managing Director, Thrive Renewables

We are particularly proud that this project involved a collaborative effort between commercial and third sector organisations; Thrive, Aura Power, Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC) and Residents Against Dirty Energy (RADE). Campaigning work by RADE and BEC originally prevented the site from becoming a polluting diesel STOR generator. Having successfully blocked planning permission for the dirty generator, they supported Aura Power’s proposal for a battery, a clean technology, storing excess electricity when it is abundant and ultimately enabling more renewables to be connected to the grid.  

In recognition of the community effort to support the project, we have been able to offer local residents the opportunity to own a stake in it through shared ownership with BEC. We are proud to be the first commercial owner to offer shared ownership in a standalone battery project in the UK.  

The project recently won the Collaboration in Community Energy Award with BEC, Aura and RADE at the 2023 Community Energy Awards. 

Our team has also developed a landscape plan for Feeder Road that will help to protect and enhance the biodiversity at the site. We’ve focused on providing the resident wildlife with more places to nest and shelter. This includes installing a number of bird, bat and invertebrate boxes, as well as planting trees, hedgerows, species rich grassland, shade scrub and native ferns that will strengthen local habitat corridors and provide wildlife with food, nectar and pollen.