Wind farm

Boardinghouse wind farm

Project location

The five-turbine Boardinghouse wind farm in Cambridgeshire was completed in 2015 and has an annual forecast to produce over 30 million units of green electricity every year - enough to meet the demand of over 7,500 UK homes.

In the summer of 2016 we were delighted to host the Thrive Renewables Annual General Meeting in the nearby town of March and take a selection of our shareholders to see the Boardinghouse wind farm which their investment had made possible.

Project summary

Today, Thrive Renewables owns a 75 per cent stake in the project which was an investment to fill a gap between the developer and landowner’s funds and the overall cost of the project. The deal allowed the project to be built and to keep the developer and landowner involved to contribute their early experience through construction and on into operations.


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Key stats

Turbines Senvion MM92 wind turbines
Number of turbines 5
Maximum tip height 110.5 metres
Site capacity 10.25 MW
Operational since June 2015
Annual forecast output 30.1 GWh
UK homes equivalent 7,536

Live stats

  • Wind speed Help

    10.7 m/s

  • Production Help

    7588 kW

  • Today so far

    72446 kWh

    20 UK homes

  • This month so far

    1252942 kWh

    350 UK homes

  • This year so far

    14653414 kWh

    4095 UK homes

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