Wind farm

Sigurd wind farm

Project location

Burgar Hill on Orkney Mainland was deliberately chosen as a test site for wind turbines because it is one of the windiest onshore sites in Europe!

The earliest onshore wind turbines were tested here in the early 1980s in a variety of guises. One of the earliest was built with the lower part of the tower constructed of concrete - a design which didn't survive developments in the industry.

Project summary

Today, Thrive Renewables operate a single wind turbine here, alongside a selection of other discrete projects, harnessing the amazing wind resource and exporting it to the national grid for distribution to wherever it is needed. The turbine we chose for this site was a Class I turbine which is specifically designed to maximise the potential from consistently high and turbulent winds. The name "Sigurd" is that of a legendary hero from the ancient Norse stories which are renowned on the islands.

Image for key stats

Key stats

Turbines Nordex N60
Number of turbines 1
Maximum tip height 76 metres
Site capacity 1.3 MW
Operational since 2002
Annual forecast output 5.1 GWh
UK homes equivalent 1,292

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