VIDEO: Celebrating wind power at Caton Moor

  • Posted: 14 Jun 2019

Wind energy has the power to help deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and deliver economic growth. This film celebrates the difference wind power has made in a rural community.

To celebrate Global Wind Day and Onshore Wind week, we’ve made a film about the community at Caton Moor, who have hosted a wind farm for 25 years and made their village hall warmer and more energy efficient thanks to grants from Thrive’s Community Benefit Programme. 

The UK has just committed to reducing carbon emissions to almost zero by 2050. It is communities like this one at Caton Moor who will help us to get there. 

“Climate change has to be managed. The only way it’s going to be managed is to stop using fossil fuels and to start using renewables.” local resident at Caton Moor

Although the wind farm is only a very small part, it’s a significant part of a global fix” John Taylor, farmer & land custodian