Wind farm

March (Floods Ferry Road) wind farm

Project location

Our wind turbine at March (Floods Ferry Road) is built in a part of the country ideal for wind farms being surrounded by flat, level land in the Fens and a landscape which is largely uninterrupted by hills. The project is part of a cluster very close together in which Thrive Renewables have invested - Boardinghouse and Ransonmoor wind farms are just a stone's throw away.

In 2016, we were pleased to host our Annual General Meeting in nearby St Wendreda's Church Hall.

Project summary

Greenvale AP is one of the UK’s leading potato processors, involved throughout the supply chain from growing and packing to supplying in major supermarket chains. The Thrive Renewables turbine at their facility in Cambridgeshire supplies their operations with clean, green electricity. This allows them to manage their energy costs and demonstrate their sustainable credentials in winning business to maintain hundreds of local jobs.


Shortly after the turbine at March (Floods Ferry Road) began generating, our Operations Manager, Adrian Warman, visited site to understand the impact our turbine had achieved.  In this short film he explains how significant it is for the factory we are supplying with renewable energy.

Image for key stats

Key stats

Turbines Acciona AW77-1500
Number of turbines 1
Maximum tip height 98.5 metres
Site capacity 1.5 MW
Operational since 2014
Annual forecast output 4.5 GWh
UK homes equivalent 1,126

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