Wind farm

Ransonmoor wind farm

Project location

Ransonmoor wind farm is located in the Fens of Cambridgeshire and very close to our Boardinghouse and March (Floods Ferry Road) wind farms. The flat landscape lends itself to strong winds uninterrupted by hills and trees. Land around and beneath the turbines continues to be farmed for crops including wheat and mustard seed.

In 2016, we were delighted to host a family open day on the site to which we welcomed over 200 guests to participate in educational activities, ask questions of our team, learn about the ecology of the site and have a look inside the turbine door.

Project summary

Our investment in the Fenpower project (also known as Ransonmoor wind farm) was unusual in a number of respects. We only bought a 25 per cent share in the project (instead of our normal 100 per cent) and the project was already operational when we invested (we usually prefer to build brand new sites). The reason for this deviation was simple. Part of the deal was a commitment for capital raised by the developer to be immediately deployed into building a brand new site nearby in Boardinghouse wind farm which is exactly in line with our ambition to facilitate new renewable generation capacity. A strong ongoing relationship with the developer means that today, Thrive Renewables also owns a majority stake in Boardinghouse wind farm.

The Fenpower project generates enough power each year to supply the electricity needs of 6,600 UK homes and contributes annually to a community benefit fund to support a variety of valuable local initiatives.


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Key stats

Turbines Senvion MM82 and Gamesa G80 wind turbines
Number of turbines 5
Site capacity 10.1 MW
Operational since 2007
Annual forecast output 26.5 GWh
UK homes equivalent 6,659

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